Poppy Seed Star

According to Scott Cunningham: Poppy seeds come from the opium poppy, but don’t get too excited as they are the ripe seeds taken once the seed head has dried. Apparently, the seeds were often used as lucky talismans, sometimes dipped in gold first. An old invisibility recipe says to soak poppy seeds in wine for 15 days and then drink the wine each day for … Continue reading Poppy Seed Star

Fernanda’s cheesecake

We used to beg Fernanda, my Italian flatmate to make this super easy and super tasty cheesecake. Everyone was crazy about it back in old times when we used to live altogether in Amman. This winter I prepared it for my family to bring back good memories and once again remind myself of this great cake. Thanks Ferna! Hope to see you somewhere around!   … Continue reading Fernanda’s cheesecake

Easy Polish Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a big thing in Poland. Torun hosts the so called “Gingerbread House” (http://www.muzeum.torun.pl/strona-483-copernicus_house.html) that is located in the old Nikolai Copernicus’s home. The museum offers some exhibitions devoted to history of these traditional sweet. It also provides some kitchen space where you can bake your own cookies and later on take them back home. Traditionally gingerbread was prepared in advance, some of them … Continue reading Easy Polish Gingerbread

Nigerian Banana Bread

Few years ago Julia – a friend of mine shared recipe for Nigerian Banana Bread. It is one of the easiest cakes you will ever make that doesn’t even require mixer. You just combine all ingredients and stir. The loaf is very moist, rich in banana and nutty flavors. The original recipe mentions only raisins and walnuts, however you can easily replace it with dates … Continue reading Nigerian Banana Bread

Arabic pilaf with lentils and raisins

In Poland,we rarely combine few types of grains altogether, such as barley with rice or rice with lentils. Brown rice, which I used here has delicate, nutty flavor and goes well with green lentils, pumpkin seeds, raisins and sweet aroma of spices. Why brown rice? Unlike white rice, only the external, inedible layer is removed from brown rice. This means that our body needs more energy to … Continue reading Arabic pilaf with lentils and raisins

Date nutella

Date Nutella? Oh yes! During Ramadan, after all day of fast dates are being eaten before Iftar – the evening meal. It is said that they strengthen body. Therefore, they’re recommended for athletes those who work out. Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar but are much healthier than candies or products that you buy in stores. They provide nutrients such as fiber, which will speed up digestion and lower cholesterol. Calcium alleviates menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, … Continue reading Date nutella

Dolma mahshi – Iraqi stuffed onion

Dolma mahshi or stuffed vegetables is popular Iraqi dish. Iraqis stuff everything – zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onion or squash. The filling is a mixture of flavors of fresh herbs and oriental spices. The original recipe includes the pomegranate molasses, which for most of us in unavailable. Although the dish is delicious even without it. Sweet onion flavor contrasts with the sour aroma of tomato sauce. You must definitely try it! What … Continue reading Dolma mahshi – Iraqi stuffed onion

Risotto rosso

This risotto rosso is a real vitamin bomb and at the same time it looks awesome! Beets, nuts and green parsley are source of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Sweet beets go well with white, dry wine and soft rice. Traditionally, risotto is served with cream, but because of following the principle of culinary minimalism we skip this step and leave only healthy ingredients. We recommend you to … Continue reading Risotto rosso

Velvety cream of leek

In her books, Julia Child advises us how to peel vegetables, how to cook them, in which pot and for how long – simply everything from scratch. On one of the pages, I came across the idea of ​​replacing thick cream in soup by rice puree. Rice itself does not have a distinctive flavor, which could dominate, so is just perfect for this kind of food. I guarantee that you’ve never had so velvety and delicate … Continue reading Velvety cream of leek

Spring salad with radish, feta cheese and sesame seeds 

Spring is coming timidly, undecided whether to stay here or to extend its vacation in hot countries. Since, however, you can feel the upcoming warmness you should change your menu. Forget heavy winter foods and replace them with light, colorful vegetable based dishes that have already appeared on local markets. In the latest issue of the magazine Kukbuk it was concluded that in the season, when … Continue reading Spring salad with radish, feta cheese and sesame seeds