Express dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are irreplaceable in some recipes. But when one day you wake up realizing that you cannot really get them in any place within eighty km, you tuck up your sleeves and start producing them on your own.  Which was the case in Jordanian town of Irbid when I used to stay there.
Marta, my flatmate shared with me this recipe for express dried tomatoes and guess what – I loved it.
Express dried tomatoes
preparation time: electric oven – around 2-3 h
What do you need for two jars like in the above photo?
12 tomatos, washed, dried and halved
herbs – basil, oregano (can be dry or fresh)
around 300 ml olive oil
What now?
1. Place your halves on the oven grill.
2. Bake them for around 2-3 hours at 60-70 C.
3. Put your tomatoes in jar filled with olive oil. herbs and garlic. Leave for one night in dark place.

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