How to make your own tea?

Make yourself some tea!
Preparing your own tea mix at home is easy. It requires a lot of time because you need to pick up your own herbs, flowers or dry up fruits.
It is therefore the best to collect everything step by step.
You watch over the entire process of preparing the individual components, so their quality is usually much higher than those bought in the store. And then you discover that strawberry tea can taste sooooo strawberrish without any enhancers, and dried orange can be as fragrant as you haven’t ever dreamt of.  Some ingredients might be purchased at the pharmacies – such as chamomile; or in specialized stores.
How to prepare your tea?
Few tips about drying:
– Flower – pick them up in places situated far away from the road, do not wash them before drying.Cut off green stalks and leave petals. Thus prepared, spread them over a large surface, and ted it every day. After about 2-3 days it should be ready.
– Fruits –  wash them, dry and cut into small pieces. We dry them in the dryer for fruits and vegetables in up to 42 C. Above this temperature the protein is set and loose all nutritional value and a lot of flavor.
Prepared in this way dried fruits are but slightly more viscous than those bought in the store. The whole process should take us about 2 days depending on the type and size of fruit. Before you add to tea grind them into small pieces – I did it in a coffee grinder
– Spices – they’re a must. We can choose from a range of different flavors such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, allspice and even ginger. Buy them in larger pieces and  crumble into smaller alone, but not powder.
– And of course, good tea or herbs that will be our base.
How to combine ingredients?
You can use the well-known classical compositions. Everyone knows that rosehip and hibiscus taste good together.
If you fancy unusual ingredients – such as viburnum/cramp bark – than it’s best to use the sense of smell – as in cooking. So pull in one flavor and then another one – do not worry – your senses  will tell you what goes well together. Then you can make some small sample of so composed mixture and if you feel it’s the right combination, prepare more of it.
Home made tea makes a great edible gift for your friends.

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