Millet choco& strawberry pudding


Two ideas for simple millet pudding, no milk, no flour, filled with strawberries or cocoa! Perfectly velvet and outrageously delicious!
Millet choco&strawberyy pudding
preparation time: 25 minutes
What do you need for 2 servings?
1 cup millet (200 ml)
3 cups water
boiled water
any sweetener

Any extra ingredients: I’ve used strawberries 6 per serving and cocoa – 1 teaspoon, I recommend a vanilla,vanilla sugar, banana, coconut and everything that comes to your mind 🙂

What now?
1 Pour water over millet and cook, covered, about 15-20 minutes until soft.
2 Blend until smooth. If the pudding is too thick add boiled water. Add our additions and mix thoroughly.

P. S. The millet should be mixed about 3-4 minutes to achieve a perfectly smooth consistency.


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