Zucchini stuffed with soy beans

Stuffed vegetables reign in the summer menu. The variety of ingredients at this time allows you to compose unique combinations.
 Stuffed zucchini combined with roasted tomato, pepper, bunch of aromatic herbs and crunchy soy captures summer warmth.
Stuffed zucchini
preparation time: 1 hour 30 minutes
What do you need for 3 people?
4 zucchini, halved
1/2 glass soy
1 tomato, diced, throw away the liquid part, leaving only the pulp
1 red pepper, diced
4 tablespoons toasted sunflower seeds
3-4 tablespoons of your favorite blend of herbs -necessarily fresh  (I’ve used cilantro, basil, oregano and thyme, if you just do not have any of them use parsley)
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
What now?
1  Pour a glass of water over soy and cook about 30 minutes, until soft.
2 Mix the tomato, pepper, chopped herbs, roasted sunflower, drained soy, garlic, salt and pepper.
3 Cut out core in each zucchini half and stuff it with your filling.
4 Place the vegetables in foil-lined paper, sprinkle with cheese, pour about 1/3 glass of cold water over the form and bake for about 40 minutes at the temperature 200 ° C.
Soy can be replaced with rice, lentils, buckwheat, etc.. Zucchini tastes great with garlic sauce.

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