Fattah with yogurt

Foul and Hummus – a Lebanese restaurant located in Ankawa, the christian neighborhood of Erbil serves a variety of Levantine food including fattah. This simple appetizer consists mainly of chickpea, yogurt, Lebanese bread and butter and is usually served in the morning. It’s very popular in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Not many people know it here, in Iraq though.

A chef who works for the Foul and Hummus Restaurant in Ankawa agreed to give us cooking class and taught how to prepare the best fattah I’ve ever had! It’s mouthwatering but quite heavy for your tummy. But well it’s definitely worth it.

A small hint with regards to the Lebanese bread – it’s thin Arabic bread available in the local store that sales Arabic food. You can see it in the photos below. The original recipe suggests to use deep-fried bread, but you can also bake it in oven until golden brown.


Fattah with yogurt

serves 4


400 g canned chickpea with water from the can

200 g yogurt

3 cloves of garlic

1 piece of Lebanese bread, cut in squares

20 g of hot, melted butter


a pinch of dried mint

a pinch of hot pepper

a pinch of cumin

oil for deep-frying

2 tbsp of pine nuts or almonds


  1. Transfer chickpea to a cooking pot and heat up.
  2. Peel off garlic, crush it, mix with yogurt and salt.
  3. Heat up oil in a small, high pot. If the piece of bread thrown in the pot starts sizzling, it means the temperature is high enough to start frying.
  4. Deep-fry bread in batches until light brown.
  5. Roast pine nuts or almonds on dry pan.
  6. Place some fried bread at the bottom of your dish, add warm chickpea and pour yogurt-garlic sauce over it.
  7.  Finish the top with a pinch of dried mint, cumin, hot pepper, melted butter and nuts.
  8. Serve hot


  • Fattah tastes best up to 15 minutes after preparation.
  • You can prepare bread in advance and store it in dry place.



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