Date nutella

Date Nutella? Oh yes! During Ramadan, after all day of fast dates are being eaten before Iftar – the evening meal. It is said that they strengthen body. Therefore, they’re recommended for athletes those who work out. Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar but are much healthier than candies or products that you buy in stores. They provide nutrients such as fiber, which will speed up digestion and lower cholesterol. Calcium alleviates menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, … Continue reading Date nutella

How to make your own tea?

Make yourself some tea! Preparing your own tea mix at home is easy. It requires a lot of time because you need to pick up your own herbs, flowers or dry up fruits. It is therefore the best to collect everything step by step. You watch over the entire process of preparing the individual components, so their quality is usually much higher than those bought … Continue reading How to make your own tea?

Express dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are irreplaceable in some recipes. But when one day you wake up realizing that you cannot really get them in any place within eighty km, you tuck up your sleeves and start producing them on your own.  Which was the case in Jordanian town of Irbid when I used to stay there. Marta, my flatmate shared with me this recipe for express dried tomatoes … Continue reading Express dried tomatoes

Home-made granola

Home-made granola is fun to make as it seems so extraordinary and special. You get to choose your own flavor according to your preferences – nutty, fruity, with chocolate chunks, etc. I used to make it for Marta, my dearest flatmate. She liked it so much that she’d usually finished a whole jar in on day – simply eating oats out of jar. There are … Continue reading Home-made granola