Eggs steamed with cream, butter and nuts

In Poland we mainly eat scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hard and half-boiled eggs with mayonnaise. If we get more imaginative we even stuff them with mushroom. My Grandpa mastered his egg boiling technique making my childhood full of half boiled eggs (which I still truly love). However, the more people share with you their egg habits, the more adventurous you become while preparing your old goodies. In … Continue reading Eggs steamed with cream, butter and nuts

Chocolate cake with mascarpone and Philadelphia cheese

Christmas is time of culinary hedonism. I guess that to keep your life balanced sometimes you need to get crazy and simply go for something you wouldn’t usually have – like chocolate cake with Philadelphia cheese and mascarpone cream. Heavenly tasty and morbidly unhealthy 🙂 It’s my mum’s recipe – it’s so good that you will want to keep it and use once your family and … Continue reading Chocolate cake with mascarpone and Philadelphia cheese

Poppy Seed Star

According to Scott Cunningham: Poppy seeds come from the opium poppy, but don’t get too excited as they are the ripe seeds taken once the seed head has dried. Apparently, the seeds were often used as lucky talismans, sometimes dipped in gold first. An old invisibility recipe says to soak poppy seeds in wine for 15 days and then drink the wine each day for … Continue reading Poppy Seed Star

Easy Polish Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a big thing in Poland. Torun hosts the so called “Gingerbread House” ( that is located in the old Nikolai Copernicus’s home. The museum offers some exhibitions devoted to history of these traditional sweet. It also provides some kitchen space where you can bake your own cookies and later on take them back home. Traditionally gingerbread was prepared in advance, some of them … Continue reading Easy Polish Gingerbread

Nigerian Banana Bread

Few years ago Julia – a friend of mine shared recipe for Nigerian Banana Bread. It is one of the easiest cakes you will ever make that doesn’t even require mixer. You just combine all ingredients and stir. The loaf is very moist, rich in banana and nutty flavors. The original recipe mentions only raisins and walnuts, however you can easily replace it with dates … Continue reading Nigerian Banana Bread