Tahini, nuts and dates shortcake

Ramadan in the Middle East is widely celebrated by social gatherings and cheerful feasts. During my stay in Iran I was invited to Iftar, the dinner culminating all day of fasting, at Shiva and Shayyan’s house in Teheran where Shiva’s sister Shayda taught me how to make traditional Iranian food. For this I decided to prepare Polish mazurek cake, which is a very popular Easter … Continue reading Tahini, nuts and dates shortcake

Whole wheat&rye pancakes

Healthy whole wheat and rye pancakes are fluffy and full of flavor. They will be perfect for lazy Saturday breakfast. Feel free to add cinnamon and any fruits of your own choice. Whole wheat&rye pancakes (2 servings) 1/2 cup all-purpose flour or whole-wheat flour 1/2 cup rye flour 1 egg about 3/4 cup of chocolate soy milk or cow milk with tbsp cocoa handful of raisins seeds of 1 vanilla … Continue reading Whole wheat&rye pancakes

Poppy Seed Star

According to Scott Cunningham: Poppy seeds come from the opium poppy, but don’t get too excited as they are the ripe seeds taken once the seed head has dried. Apparently, the seeds were often used as lucky talismans, sometimes dipped in gold first. An old invisibility recipe says to soak poppy seeds in wine for 15 days and then drink the wine each day for … Continue reading Poppy Seed Star

Easy Polish Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a big thing in Poland. Torun hosts the so called “Gingerbread House” (http://www.muzeum.torun.pl/strona-483-copernicus_house.html) that is located in the old Nikolai Copernicus’s home. The museum offers some exhibitions devoted to history of these traditional sweet. It also provides some kitchen space where you can bake your own cookies and later on take them back home. Traditionally gingerbread was prepared in advance, some of them … Continue reading Easy Polish Gingerbread

Middle Eastern mazurek cake

Mazurek cake is an essence of Polish tradition and Easter cuisine. Once in a while geographic dimension may give it a one face. In the Middle East instead of caramel we have dried dates and sesame paste, which translates into deep, heavy taste somewhere between chocolate and halva. Just to increase level of hedonism everything is topped with roasted almonds and a touch of tahini … Continue reading Middle Eastern mazurek cake