Fattoush – it’s all about bread

Fattoush is my favorite Middle Eastern salad. The dish is popular mainly in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. Connoisseurs say it’s all about bread and pomegranate molasses. Thin, 2 layered Lebanese bread is perfect. Before deep-frying you have to tear it apart. Frying takes only couple of minutes as you aim to have golden-brown crispy bites. Good pomegranate molasses is hard to find in some … Continue reading Fattoush – it’s all about bread

Cauliflower Tahini Curry

Middle East is where some of the best quality tahini can be found. I love it freshly pressed. When still warm it slowly drips from the sesame grinder tap. If you’re lucky enough seller will let you steal some of those warm, sticky drops. You will find yourself licking fingers in the middle of crowded bazaar and the people will smile heartedly. Ajaneeb – they … Continue reading Cauliflower Tahini Curry

Carrot-turmeric tummy-soothing soup

Honestly speaking this is the best carrot soup I’ve ever made. This soup will help on the days when your tummy feels upset. When your only dream is to get rid of the pain or stomach cramp turmeric will do its magic. Its anti-inflammatory substances dissolve in fat, therefore don’t forget to add some ghee or olive oil. Additionally, cumin will cure any type of … Continue reading Carrot-turmeric tummy-soothing soup

Quick & Easy Red Masoor Dal – Red Lentils

I developed aversion to fresh coriander and garam masala after 3 months in India. I still remember how shocked I was upon discovery of veggie masala burger in McDonalds in Delhi city center. After 5 years of coriander & garam masala abstinence I can say I’m pretty much over my old aversion and can fully enjoy Indian food once again. Red Masoor Dal is a … Continue reading Quick & Easy Red Masoor Dal – Red Lentils

Iraqi Dolma – stuffed vegetables

Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes, originating in the former Ottoman Empire and the surrounding regions (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, the Middle East and some Asian countries). The most-well known type is stuffed vine leaves, but other vegetables suck as zucchinis and aubergines can be stuffed. They can be made either with meat or without. Meat dolma is usually served warm, while … Continue reading Iraqi Dolma – stuffed vegetables

Sun-dried tomato spread

My sun dried tomato hunt in Erbil failed. It is nearly impossible to get them in Kurdistan. Even large supermarkets like Carrefour don’t bother to import them. Hence, I decided to purchase this unique ingredient in Amman and simply take it with me. Sun-dried tomato spread is a simple dish that can be used in so many different ways. You can have it with fresh … Continue reading Sun-dried tomato spread

Savory chickpeas pancakes

Who would have thought that the ancient philosopher Cicero and chickpeas have something in common? The Latin word, “cicer“–whence the famous orator Cicero got his name, since his family grew chickpeas–led to “pois chiche” in modern French, which we lifted from across the English Channel and changed to “chich-pease.” Bon Appetit Magazin Chickpea have been grown (or at least eaten) in the Middle East for 10,000 … Continue reading Savory chickpeas pancakes

Arabic pilaf with lentils and raisins

In Poland,we rarely combine few types of grains altogether, such as barley with rice or rice with lentils. Brown rice, which I used here has delicate, nutty flavor and goes well with green lentils, pumpkin seeds, raisins and sweet aroma of spices. Why brown rice? Unlike white rice, only the external, inedible layer is removed from brown rice. This means that our body needs more energy to … Continue reading Arabic pilaf with lentils and raisins